We took to the Brickyard this past weekend and brought home a 22nd place finish in our No. 01 Ken Houston Electric Camaro.  Our practice day went pretty smooth and we worked on the car as we learned more about the new package that NASCAR had brought for us.  We had a larger spoiler and splitter which increased the drag on the race cars as well as increased drag by opening vents in the front nose of the car.  Those things along with a restrictor plate made for a very different Indy experience.

We qualified 29th and running a lap at wide open throttle.  I never thought I would say I ran Indianapolis wide open in a stock car with multiple 90 degree corners along the way, but we did.

In the race we noticed on the first 2 stops that we were cording out RF tire which if left alone would have eventually led to a blown tire.  We came in on a caution and took camber out of the RF so that the tire would sit flatter in the corner and not wear out the edge of the tire.  We came from the back after that pit stop and battled back to a respectable 22nd place finish.  It was a solid run for our team with no mechanical issues so we will take it and head to the corn fields of Iowa this coming weekend.

Thank you for reading along!