Bristol Motor Speedway:  Fitzgerald Glider Kits 300

Saturday, April 22

Started:  29th     Finished:  23rd

Well after seeing rain in the forecast for the weekend, the NASCAR Xfinity Series seized their window of opportunity to finish the race at the famed Bristol Motor Speedway.

Harrison started the race from the 29th position and set his sights forward.  Rhodes started off strong making up ground in the first stage of the race battling a tight race car.  When the second stage began and grip was dwindling on the bottom groove, Harrison took to the high side where he was able to hold his own.  A rain delay put out the red flag right before the end of the 2nd stage and drivers exited their cars to wait out the rain.

When the storm ended, the drivers climbed back in their cars to run the second half of the race.  The No. 01 used some strategy on yellow flags to gain laps back and put them in a better position moving forward.  With 30 laps or so to go, Harrison was forced to come to pit road as he had a flat RF tire.  The team lost 3 laps while changing the tire, but settled back in the race with 15 to go.  Harrison took off with quick pace to re-gain what the flat tire had cost them and ended in the 23rd position.

It was a hard fought day, but still a great success for the No. 01 team moving forward.  The series will race at Richmond International Raceway this coming weekend on April 29th.